Alarm system for graphite safety disk

Detection with Two tantalum contacts

Detection with contact finger
Description :

The alarm systems used for monitoring graphite safety discs provide a visual and acoustic alarm or trigger plant cutoffs. Two tantalum contacts or a contact finger in the alarm system press against the membrane of the safety disc and close the circuit of an amplifier relay. When the safety disc ruptures, the current circuit is interrupted and this triggers the alarm.

Advantages :

  • Corrosion resistance ensured by use of suitable materials
  • Reusability after safety disk rupture
  • Simple electrical connection via the 1.5 meter-long integral connecting cable
  • Used together with the matching amplifier relay, this system can also be operated in high explosion risk zones

Technical data :

  • Service voltage : AC 207V-253V, 45Hz – 60Hz, DC20 V – 30V
  • Circuit [EExia] II C, input as per DIN 19234 (Namur)
  • Output: 1 changeover AC 253 V / 2 A, DC 40 V / 2 A
  • The amplifier relay should be mounted outside the explosion risk zone