Aseptic weight loaded vacuum valve – 12504

Model 12504 is a weight-loaded vacuum valve, suitable for beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Due to their high throughput rate, these vacuum valves are capable of equalising large pressure differences for short periods of time. This is necessary at a high emptying rate or with hot or cold cleaning of the tank as well.

Low-maintenance stainless steel execution. Several options are available like CIP execution, pneumatic lifting with position reply and heating device.

Designed for large tanks :

  • Simple compact design
  • Guided valve disc
  • Dead space-free execution
  • Aseptic sealing with defined seal compression
  • Large capacity
  • Optional CIP equipment
  • Optional splash guard variants

Characteristics :

  • Stainless Steel construction : 1.4301 / 304
  • Aseptic sealing : EPDM (FDA)
  • Diameters :
    DN80, DN100, DN150, DN200, DN300, DN400
  • Directly integrated into the tank manhole cover or installed with a flange welded on tank.
  • Temperature : 0 to 95 °C
  • Standard setting : -3 à -4 mbar eff.
    Other settings on special request

Conformity with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17050-1 is fulfilled.
Application for gas in accordance with Fluid Group II of PED 97/23/EC.

Some other type of vacuum valves may reach your need, feel free to contact us.

Soupape casse-vide à contre-poids avec levée pneumatique
Weight-loaded vacuum valve with pneumatic lifting

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