Bursting disc – Series F with PFA coating

Application :

  • Vacuum resistant (with separate, reusable perforated disc made from graphite or PTFE)
  • Food applications, no risk to health (PFA coating applied conforms to EC directive and FDA regulations)
  • Bursting behaviour unaffected by temperature

Construction :

  • Monoblock construction for direct mounting between DIN / ISO or ANSI standard flanges
  • Fragmenting disc
  • Non-resin-impregnated process equipment graphite with PFA coating

Field of use :

  • Bursting pressure: 0,2 to 35 barg
  • Maxi service pressure in % of nominal bursting pressure:
      • Static load : 80%
      • Oscillating load : 75%
  • Temperature range : -60 to +250°C

Some other type of bursting discs (stainless steel, nickel, inconel, graphite…) may reach your need, feel free to contact us.

Series F

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