Pump jet ejector

An ejector is a static device which uses the ventury effect principal (vacuum technology) to create a vacuum. This depression allows :

  • pumping, suction, transporting
  • mixing liquids and solids
  • transfer heat (cf. Ejector : reheater)

The motive force is generally a liquid (water or process water) or steam.

The absence of moving parts makes it possible to use it with any kind of fluid: liquid, viscous, corrosive, powder, sludge, sand, particles …

Maintenance free, it is particularly appropriate in areas where access is difficult.

Example of application

Favorite industries : chemical manufacturing, paper, soaps, beers and spirits, sugar, dry cleaners, laundry, mines, bilge pump on board ships …

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Model E248

Sizes : DN 15 to DN125
Connections : Flanges DIN
Material : GGG40.3 / RG10 / WCB / SS 316
Limitations : PN16 ; 16 barg. ; 200°C

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Model E250

Sizes : DN 1/2″ to DN 5″
Connections : Threded BSP
Material : RG10 / stainless steel 316
Limitations : PN16 ; 16 barg. ; 200°C

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E248 with flanges

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Some examples : jet ejector with flanges in ductile iron and stainless steel