Flexible fireproof protection

Method of protection :

A certified flexible fireproof protection is an effective method of protection of devices that control a plant which can minimize the danger and damages caused by fire in refineries, oil platforms, petrochemical plants, thermal power, electrical stations, and ship and defence fields.

Construction :

It is based on the assembly of several multilayered “jackets” fastened together. All covers are made by certified high performance materials designed to work in extreme temperature conditions:

    • external outer : -50°C up to approx. +275°C
    • full protection : up to +1200°C for a period of time, depending on specific requests

Benefits :

    • Easy to carry. They can be installed quickly without special tools, even by unqualified personnel
    • Installation may be carried out without stopping the system
    • Custom-made products for easy assembly and disassembly for maintenance of internal components
    • Weather, UV ray, chill, marine environment, chemical and acid resistant
    • Fire resistant up to 2hours with temperature of 1200°C

Applications : Fireproof product range is designed for effective fire protection of

    • Electric and pneumatic actuators
    • Check and regulation valves
    • Flanged couplings
    • Cable trays
    • Control and command panels
    • Pipe penetration passage
    • Rigid barriers

Conception :

Fireproof protection systems are designed and tailored to fit the shape of the component to be protected. It’s possible to create bays and holes to facilitate the exit of clutches, shafts, push-buttons and electric panels.

In order to ensure easy identification of the intervention place by the operator during emergencies, we may also manufacture some component parts in different colours.

Every component of our Fire protection is identified by special stainless steel plates with customer name, project reference, device tag code and other information requested by the buyer .

Certifications :

    • UL 1709 approvals from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (USA)

The products are designed using a calculation method, production process and materials suitable to ensure a negligible temperature increase during the first 60/90 minutes exposure to fire.

Customized software :

The “fire safety engineering center” of Edinburgh University has developed for our plant customized software for fire protection design.

The program is able to emulate all the boundary conditions of the laboratories tests and to calculate the perfect thickness and resistance for every kind of request.

Lloyd’s Register U.K. has recognized its efficiency and accuracy through an international certification.

    • JET FIRE TEST J120 / Lloyd’s Register
    • BLAST TEST 1,85 BAR / Lloyd’s Register
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