Flameless explosion venting FC

The flameless explosion venting FC associated with explosion panels extinguished the flame and relief the explosion overpressure to protect equipment and people around.

Since it is not always possible to orient the explosion vent to a safe area, you must install elements capable of suppressing the flame during the breaking of the vent panel. This is the role of flameless venting.

This device replaces the vent pipe. During an explosion in a chamber equipped with a flameless venting, the explosion panel incorporated into the protection system is broken.

The explosion is then distributed on the surface consisting of specifically designed mesh to hold incandescent particles and flame, to effectively cool the combustion gas and to substantially reduce the effects of the expansion wave.


  • Max admissible Pred : 0,5 bar
  • Surface Tmax : 275°C
  • Kst max < 250 bar.m/s
  • P max : 10 bar
  • Working temperature : -20°C à +70°C
  • Materials : carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium
  • ATEX certified : LOM08ATEX7038X according to norm EN16009

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Flameless Explosion Venting FC
FC Exemple

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Eff. vent area
Venting panel
(not included)
FC537385537 x 385 x 4640,097537 x 385
FC350200350 x 200 x 2780,025350 x 200
FC550250550 x 250 x 3280,063550 x 250
FC880530880 x 530 x 6010,250880 x 530
FC10006661000 x 666x x7200,3701000 x 666
FC100010001000 x 1000 x 10820,5801000 x 1000