Reverse bursting disc – type U


Applications :

  • For liquids (with gas cushion), gas and vapours
  • Tolerance of burst pressure : +/- 10 % (+/-5 % upon request)
  • Ideal for application with safety valve

Recommanded for :

  • Alternative or high operating pressures
  • Alternative or high operating temperatures (-196°C / +550°C)
  • Total sealing

Construction: in accordance with directive 97/23/CE

  • Reverse buckling discs are scored full metal discs
  • Non fragmenting disc
  • Full vacuum resistant
  • DN15 to DN200

Materials : Stainless steel 316, Nickel, Hastelloy®, Inconel, Tantalum (extremely resistant to corrosion)

Additional accessories :

  • Membrane Signal Detector
  • Inductive Signal Detector
  • Magnetic Signal Detector
  • Optical Signal Detector

Some other type of bursting discs (stainless steel, nickel, inconel, graphite…) may reach your need, feel free to contact us.

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1. Mounting in a holder between flanges :

  • Flanges PN10, 16, 20, 40 and 50
  • Klingersil® C4400 (standard seal) or graphite gaskets (for very high temperatures)
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2. Mounting with signal detector between flanges (with holder) :

  • Flanges PN10, PN16, PN20, PN40 andt PN50
  • Mounting in a holder
  • Inductive detector ATEX mounted in the upper holder
  • Detection plate welded on the disc, fixed in front of the detector
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