Vacuum breaker valve for water

Description :

The automatic air inlet valve (adductor valve) allows entrance and emissions of large quantities of air during pipe emptying or depressions in water pipelines.

These vacuum relief valves shall be normally closed by means of a spring and open automatically only when the system pressure become negative, falling to approximately 0,02 bar below atmospheric pressure.

The immediate admission of air into the system valve shall be assured by having 10% more inflow area than the inlet area of the valve, preventing then from vacuum and limiting the vacuum pressure to the one calculated for the system. The double-sealing design (metal-metal and resilient) provides a “drop-tight” shut-off.

The air inlet valve incorporates a stainless steel screen and steel hood to avoid the entry of foreign particles.

Diameters / Flange connexions : DN50-DN500 

Range : PN10, PN16 et PN25

Material :

  • Body : Ductile Iron EN GJS-500-7
  • Seat: Elastomer NBR/EPDM of high durability
  • Upper protection: Steel with screen in stainless steel.
  • Bolting: Internal in stainless steel A2 / External in galvanized steel
  • Coating: Non-toxic epoxy for drinkable water. Internal and external 200 microns thickness

Other material and special coating available upon request

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Vacuum breaker valve

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