Two stage decompresion unit – EN20 / EN50

Two stage decompression units EN20 and EN50 series have their application in food, oenological and chemical field and industry.

The main use is for the separation of the stored product from the atmospheric air. That avoid the oxidation of the product and, in case of polluting materials, the atmospheric dispersion due to evaporation or during the charging operations.

Inlet pressure :

  • nitrogen gas : 220 bar maximum
  • CO2 gas : 80 bar maximum

Outlet pressure range :

  • 5-45 mbar
  • 20-200 mbar
  • 150-700 mbar

Connections : acc. to model

Materials :
aluminium and brass
NBR and NBR + PTFE diaphragms

Reference : EN20 or EN50

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Two stage decompression unit EN20 – EN50

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