Control valve type Z1B-M

Two types of control valves are used in power systems of energy boilers:
– minimum flow valves, intended for use in the recirculation circuits of pumps powering boilers,
– starting – feed check valves, designed to control the flow of water to boilers.

Nominal sizes DN50 ; 65 ; 80 ; 100
Nominal pressure • PN250, PN 320
Plug characteristics and type linear, modified, other
Leakage class basic: class IV ; enhanced: class V ; tight (special) class VI
Flow direction under the plug (FTO)
Body material carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, other
  • The design of the valve makes it resistant to cavitation as a result of the application of the multi-cage labyrinthinethrottiing (multi-way) and the selection of appropriate materials such as: full stellite in case of plug and seat,titanium in case of stem, highly hardened throttling cages, alloy cast steel in case of body
  • special design enabling control of low flows in the conditions of high drops of pressure, as well as large flows inthe conditions of small drops of pressures
  • high leaktighiness of the closure
  • guaranteed leaktightness of outer seals, according to the requirements of the provisions of TA Luft, located inthe zone of low pressure
  • easy access to internal components of the valve
  • control or an-off function
  • the possibility of applying electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic drives
  • a wide range of assortments, the ability to adapt the valve to individual customers requirements in terms of connections, flow parameters, and other
  • additional equipment: quick exhaust valve for pneumatic actuators (quick opening), spring shock absorber forhydraulic or electric actuators (flexible contact of the plug onto seat)
  • hydraulic impact resistance (water hammer)
  • high durability and reliability.
We can adjust the control valve according to your individual needs. In such cases, please contact our technical support specialist.