ECTFE / HALAR® coated valves

The valves 1216, 1400 and 1415 can be partially or completely coated with Halar® ECTFE.


HALAR® is a coating based thermoplastic ECTFE (Ethylene ChloroTriFluoroEthylene). It has excellent corrosion resistance (acids, bases, solvents) : no solvent damages the coating below 120 ° C. It also has a high resistance to mechanical shock, weathering, UV, and an excellent dielectric strength.

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Applications : tanks, containers, pipes, shafts and propeller agitators, filters, plugs, valve bodies, impellers, volute pumps, sensors, body reactors or centrifuges, cylinders detour, hopper cones recycling

Some other type of safety valves (BSP, NPT, ISO or ANSI flanged, API…) may reach your need, feel free to contact us.

ECTFE coated trim

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