Silencer for safety valve, steam applications

Types :

    • diffuser silencer
    • absorptive silencer
    • combined diffuser and absorptive silencer
    • inline silencer

Applications :

    • vent or purge
    • boiler
    • by-pass turbine

Medium :

    • air
    • vapor
    • natural gas
    • industrial gas

Design :

The inlet pipe of the silencer is perforated with a number of holes. Other perforated pipes with a larger number of holes are added concentrically. The space between them is filled with a wire mesh of stainless steel.

Characteristics :

    • noise reduction up to 50 dB (A)
    • diameters : DN25 à DN450
    • connections : B.W. – flanges EN / ANSI
    • materials : carbon steel, stainless steel
    • temperature : -40°C à +450°C
    • vertical and horizontal mounting
    • typical pressure drop > 0,2 bar
    • Optional accessories

Standards : ISO 9001, PED 97/23/CE

Please find our attached document about quality and fault prevention.

Non exhaustive list of customers using our silencers (in French).

Silencer used with safety valve for saturated steam

Silencers : examples

Ø 0,4 m, Height 1,54 m, Weight 190 kg with brackets
Ø 0,8 m, Height 1,55 m, Weight 350 kg with brackets and gooseneck 45° to redirect the outlet flow
Ø 0,74 m, Height 1,9 m, Weight 340 kg with brackets and rain protection
mobile silencer, can be separated in two parts
Ø 1,1 m, Total height 3,175 m, Weight 1100 kg
Ø 3,4 m, Height 2,9 m, Weight 4600 kg
Ø 6 m, Height 5,4 m, Weight 18000 kg

Gas silencers

Each silencer HELYON is designed according to the characteristics of your installation, your specifications and your needs.

Applications : These gas and air silencers are used to reduce sound power level for this type of plant :

  • Turbine
  • Exhaust line
  • Safety valve outlet
  • Dryer

and all applications where the noise level is too high for the environment.

Fluids :
All industrial gases: Air, Nitrogen N2, Argon Ar, Oxygen O2, Carbon Dioxide CO2, Hydrogen H2, Helium He, etc.

Characteristics :

    • Noise reduction according to your needs (minimum of 20 dB (A))
    • DN calculation based on flow rate
    • Carbon or stainless steel construction
    • Connection: flanged or threaded (for small diameters)
    • Drain system

Options :

    • Cover against rain or snow
    • Bird protection
    • Brackets
    • Special support

Do not hesitate to contact us for your specific requirements, each silencer is custom-sized.

Gas silencer

Some examples of silencer installations

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